July 31, 2016
Calling PDF hackers

So I am trying to make a fillable PDF form for an organization I work with.  Should be pretty easy right? Usually is, except, I need a signature field. No problem, PDFs support an electronic (not digital, though they support that too) signature field.Problem:Most editing software doesn't let yo...

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Comment by Steve on 31 Jul 16 at 5:48 MDT
Alternately, if you live in ABQ and have a legal copy of adobe acrobat I could use for like 10min on your computer that would fix the immediate problem.
Comment by Steve on 31 Jul 16 at 15:26 MDT
So the workaround for now is that Foxit Reader (https://www.foxitsoftware.com/products/pdf-reader/) will let you use the signature field without "reader extensions enabled"

Pro: Foxit Reader is free and the install is painless. There is also a portable version available if you don't want to install.

Cons: The version that lets you fill forms is windows only.
July 30, 2016
July 29, 2016
Who are you?

In the 90's there was a science fiction show called Babylon 5.  This show is, IMNSHO, can teach a variety of lessons which the current world would do well to head. Of concern to this post however, is that recurring questions were a major part of the theme/mood for the show.  Two of them ar...

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