December 5, 2019

Last gpg key of 2019

The year is drawing to a close, the days are short, it’s time to rotate encryption keys? yep! In keeping with my policy, I have rotated the encryption subkey for my gpg key as it expired at the end of the month. This is only the encryption subkey, so the trust of the main signing key should remain the same for you.

The fingerprint remains the same as:

F535 AEEC C57B C4EE FE62 6871 B19C D619 61B5 B9DA

And the new encryption subkey expires 2020-02-03, 60 days from today. The key is available from the standard places

A Note on Trust

I have signed the public key in the same folder on this server, here this only proves that I control the private key to this key pair. However, if you trusted the signing key before there is no reason to not trust this subkey because I have shown it’s trusted by the signing key. Keybase also preforms a similar test, but you have to trust their infrastructure to preform the test. Make sure you are downloading these keys over HTTPS / SSL

NB: I’ve deleted all but the previous encryption subkeys, so if you’re sending messages encrypted to them they are unreadable, even by me

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