January 21, 2020

Bastards, Bastards Everywhere

So I’ve been listening to Behind the Bastards a podcast that has been assimilated by the iHeartRadio conglomerate. Like every person, I think my tastes are better than everyone else’s. Therefore I think you, yes you, should listen to this podcast as well. As any student of history knows, there are a lot of bastards out there. Here are the ten episodes I would recommend listening to if you want to start with this podcast.

One and Two: Kaiser Wilhelm

Kaiser Wilhelm A two part episode (link goes to part one) that includes the appropriate amount of WWI background.

Three: Enough Bastards for Everyone

Bhopal, India There’s probably a reason that your history teacher never mentioned Bhopal in the same breath as Chernobyl; and the reason is probably a bit racist if we’re being honest.

Four: The Best Review of Soleimani Online

Qassem Soleimani Robert definitely knew who Qassem Soleimani was before Jan 2020, which is more than I, or he, can say for most people who are commenting about him on twitter.

Five (and Six?): The Worst Journalist You’ve Never Heard Of

James O’Keefe Interesting for posterity on learning how we got here in the post-truth news cycle. Includes a sex boat story, so there’s that also.

NOTE: iHeart doesn’t show a part two, but I am pretty sure there is one.

Seven: 8chan, with the Founder

Jim Watkins is trying to resurrect 8chan, but the man who founded 8chan doesn’t want him to. Who’s right? Well it’s not the people posting about shooting up churches on 8chan, that’s for sure.

Eight and Nine: Mike Adams

Mike Adams I have an uncle named Mike Adams, and I am %90 sure this is not about him. Anyone who has ever non critically linked to a natural news article is required to listen to both episodes as penance.

NOTE: Link is to part one, part two should be easy to find from that. Maybe?

Ten: Flat Earth is Nazis

No really Robert agreed to read parts of this book cold on his podcast as a reward for a fundraising effort to do conflict journalism. What he could never have known is that it’s just the craziest nazi conspiracy theories. Seriously.

Bonus: The War on Everyone

Robert did an audio book to raise money to do some actual journalism. If you are wondering Hey, it’s 2020 why are there so many nazis still around? listen to the whole thing. It won’t, necessarily, make you feel better about where we are; but it will make you a bit better informed. Link I would recommend listening to the episodes on the podcast, because they have commentary and Cody Johnston and Katy Stoll on them. First Episode

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