March 22, 2020

Free (or donation) Tarot Readings

Tarot Spread

By now everyone is aware of the global emergency in place, and that the best advice is to stay home unless you are an essential service employee. Staying at home is the best action at the moment, but it may not be easy for all of us; humans are social animals and we suffer real tangible effects from social isolation. With that in mind, I am offering a bit of responsible (ie remote/not-in-person) social connection.

Starting Monday 23 March, 2020 I will be offering free online Tarot Readings The free readings will be three cards, the same reading described in Three for Ten at the link. It is good for a daily overview/forecast or to ask about a specific event. For example where is my career headed is probably too general for the three card reading but how should I approach the interview with X company on Tuesday is just right. There is more information about my philosophy on Tarot readings at the link, or by clicking Tarot at the top right of this page.

Pay What You Can

Currently many people are experiencing financial difficulties as a direct or indirect result of the current crisis. For this reason, I am offering readings on a pay what you can basis. I generally charge $10 for this reading, so certainly I am not expecting anyone to pay more than that. If zero dollars is what you can pay, then that is great! You can make your payment either before or after you receive your reading through paypal at

How to get a Reading

Please send your request for a reading to [email protected]. It would be helpful if you put Free 3 card reading in the subject. In the body of your email include a name for me to focus on when pulling the cards, a brief question or situation you want the reading to focus on, and a return email address (if none is provided, I will use the sender/reply-to address of your message). After that, please allow upto 24h for me to do your reading and respond. Depending on the volume of requests, it may be closer to 12h or even less but 24h should be the maximum time unless I contact you otherwise.

The Fine Print

No guarantee of the accuracy of the readings is provided, they are provided as is. Rather than a prediction of the future or supernaturally accurate insight, the readings are a particular framing or narrative based on random chance of the cards selected. It may or may not be appropriate or helpful to your situation.

Because this I am offering this as a pay what you can service, please limit requests for readings to one per person per day or less. I will update if the volume becomes a problem.

Of course, if you want a more in depth reading I suggest the Standard Reading (more information at Tarot).

Donations for readings can be sent to

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