September 22, 2020

Prime Runner: Mr Yakada

A prime runner created with the Shadowrun 4E Anniversary Edition rules. Probably too powerful for a player character, but could make an interesting NPC.


6 3 (7) 4 (7) 10 (14) 5 2 1 6 8 4

Metatype: Ork (Oni)

Standing over 2 meters tall and with bright orange skin and curved horns, the Ork known as Mr Yakada certainly looks like something out of a tale to frighten children. His body is well toned, but at first glance belies his impressive physical strength.


None of the orks or trolls that were “relocated” to the island of Yomi from mainland Japan were lucky. Some were more unlucky than others. While the detention of “undesirables” on Yomi has officially ended, that doesn’t stop government and corporate “research” divisions from “investigations”. The ork known on the New Tokyo shadow scene as Mr Yakada never knew his parents. Since the research program that he was unwillingly a part of has since been discontinued, it’s quite possible that there exists no record of his parent’s names. He was part of an experimental program to combine state of the art bioware with awakened individuals in order to create the mythical supersoldier.

Due to genetic manipulation plus the addition of bioware at an early age, Mr Yakada is as strong as even some of the strongest trolls. Combined with his magical adept abilities, he is almost unequaled in close combat. Since escaping from Yomi and making his way to New Tokyo, he has made a name for himself as a shadowrunner. Though lacking in the raw power of dedicated mages, he is remarkably resourceful in using low force spells to great effect.

The fixers of New Tokyo know that Mr Yakada does not accept wetwork jobs. None the less, he takes no great effort to avoid killing on the job, especially once the drek hits the air circulator. He excels at breaking and entering, especially if there is minimal or no awakened security present. Because the research department at whatever black ops division that experimented on him did not deign to give him a SIN, he operates strictly outside the law. While not a traditional street samurai, he does have his own code of honor. Fixers, and thus Mr Tanaka, can be assured if he accepts a job he will do his best to complete it. Several low level fixers have taken an extended leave of absence after providing jobs to Mr Yakada that were not as advertised.

Mr Yakada blames the Japanese culture generally, and the Japanese government specifically, for the existence of both Yomi and his treatment there. He therefore insists that business associates refer to him as “Mr Yakada” and not “Yakada-San” or “Yakada-Sama”.


Positive Qualities: Ambidextrous, Exceptional Attribute (strength), Mentor Spirit (Dark Goddess), Mystic Adept, Quick Healer

Negative Qualities: Allergy Gold (Moderate), Incompetent (Cybercombat), Incompetent (Electronic Warfare), Flashbacks, Records on File (Japanese Government)


Blades (combat knife) 6 (7); Conjuring Skill Group 4; Pistols (heavy pistol) 4; First Aid 2; Infiltration 4; Spellcasting 4; Throwing Weapons (knives) 5; Unarmed Combat 6 (7)

Knowledge Skills Security Procedures 5; Japanese Politics 4; Club Music 4

Language Skills Japanese (fluent); English 4; Chinese 2; Korean 2

Notable Equipment

Mirror Shades (TM) with smartlink, thermographic vision, flare compensation, and vision enhancement (rating 3).

Form fitting body armor half suit with non conductivity enhancement, and armored jacket

Comlink Erika Elite

Fake SIN (rating 3)

Maglock Passkey (rating 5)

Cougar Fineblade weapon focus (force 3)

Throwing Knives x5

Ares Predator IV with smartlink

Ares Viper Slivergun

Morrissey √Član in concealed boot holster

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