January 11, 2021

Sic Transit Graham

Lindsay Graham fails to read the room;
but it doesn’t matter because the room is empty and no one cares what he has say

There was a coup attempt on the US capitol on January 6th of this year, 2021. Fortunately for democracy, it failed. But that didn’t stop former chairperson of the senate judiciary committee, and boy who cried wolf decades after wolves had gone extinct due to the direct actions of people said boy desperately wants to sit at the same lunch table with, from opining 4 days later on tiwitter dot com.

I shall preserve his tweet, in it’s entirety, below. Not because it deserves it, but because I am avoiding more interesting and fulfilling work:

In light of President Trump’s Thursday statement pledging an orderly transfer power and calling for healing in our nation, a second impeachment will do far more harm than good.

A useful idiot closes the barn door after the last cow has left. Graham is standing desperately trying to wipe his own fingerprints from the barn latch; while the barn burnt down four days ago, the farmhouse is on fire, but none of it matters because the cows died 6 years ago from poisoned feed purchased by graham from his uncle’s store. In this metaphor Graham’s uncle sends him a Christmas card, but no money in it. He’s clearly culpable; but you almost, almost, feel bad for him as he fumbles frantically with the rag and metal latch like some miserable and failed casting call for lady Macbeth.

There were some choice responses, of course. I don’t follow Graham, who would? I saw it from a quote tweet, but even that was depressingly banal. This is how Graham’s career ends, not with a bang, nor even a whimper, but with that ratio. In the end, I fear, that the senator’s legacy of banal evil will not be worth the ink to print in the history textbooks, not even in the digital only editions.

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