August 25, 2020

Introducing: Wednesday Weeds!

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Hello! Misinformation sucks, doesn’t it? You’re just checking out the old world wide web for some information on how to deal with allergies and next thing you know you’re listening to a webinar about how you can quit your job and sell essential oils for a living. I hate it when that happens. Even more so, because there are plants and home remedies that can be helpful to people; it’s just that people have to sort through the BS to get to good information.

Or you could join my new discord server! I set up Albuquerque Medicina (join link below) as a place to talk about herbs, home treatments, and medical issues without bullshit, lies, or marketing speak.

To further my quest to provide honest, and useful, information to people I will be doing a series of mini classes on herbs on the server. The classes will include a short description/presentation of an herb or remedy, guidelines for home use, and then I will stick around for a little bit to answer questions.

Who Are You?

The logical question is what qualifies you to give these classes? I am a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine (Acupuncturists) that has passed the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) exam for Chinese Herbology; I have over 400 graduate hours in herbal preparations and diagnosis; and I have an undergraduate degree in General Biology from the University of New Mexico. I have also spent many years studying herbs and plants in my off hours.

While the information is provided for general use, and is not medical advice, I will be providing citations to source texts and peer reviewed research for you to evaluate yourself.

Just The Facts

The first Wednesday Weed will be Lavender and I will be doing the class on the discord server (again link at the very end)

If you can’t make it at that time, don’t worry. The chat log should be saved on the server so you can join and check it out when it is convenient for you.

Join Albuquerque Medicina discord server today!

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