February 15, 2020


So I am trying something that I used to do and kinda fell out of for various reasons; I am offering tarot readings! If you just want the details, check below under readings. The question you are probably wondering is Can you [me/steve] predict the future? and the unfortunate answer is not at this time. The next obvious question is Then what’s the point of a tarot reading?! The reading, which is a specific permutation of 1 to 10 cards, provides a specific way of looking at a situation. The situation can be a new relationship, of any kind including romantic, friendship, or even employment. Or the situation may be more general, for example where your life is right now. It’s up to you to decide how true you find the narrative provided by the reading, and what actions you are going to take or not take based on that. Because truth is an elusive concept, and due to financial logistics There are no refunds once the reading is done.

To inquire about readings (see types below) email [email protected]

How Accurate Are The Readings?

As I mentioned above, the readings are a specific way of looking at your situation and fitting it into a narrative provided by the cards that come up. I am not prepared to judge how accurate or inaccurate such things are, especially if I don’t know you very well (or even at all). A better question might be Are the readings helpful? and that I can generally state yes! Most feedback that I have received after the readings has been positive. While I let the client decide how accurate the reading is, most of them tell me that it provides good insight and a helpful way of looking at the question or situation they asked about. Fortune favors the bold, so the best way to decide if a longer reading will be helpful to you is to try the 3 card insight reading and see if it is helpful to you.

How Does This Work?

I believe there are forces at work that we humans do not understand, and I believe that the symbology of the tarot can let us tap into those forces. Weather they are merely the uncharted regions of the human psyche, or actual entities with knowledge of the future, I am not prepared to speak on at this time.

But the process for a reading goes like this:

  1. You email me with a request for a reading, and provide your name, what reading you would like and one to three sentences about your question/situation
  2. I send you an invoice/request for payment.
  3. After you pay the invoice, I will confirm what time I will be doing the reading (some clients care about this, some do not) and I will email you the results within 24h of payment.

Payment will be done through PayPal for security/safety, I will send the invoice to the email you email me from. I will email you your reading to the same email, unless you provide an alternate contact/email to send it to.

I will not start any reading until payment is processed, to prevent issues of collecting payment later and to ensure that clients are serious. This is not my favorite way to conduct business, but it is a necessity while we still operate under a version of capitalism. The readings take considerable time on my end, and I cannot afford to waste it.

You can use any name you want! The name is just so I can have a name/focus to concentrate on when I shuffle the cards to form a connection with your specific question. It doesn’t have to be your legal name, or “real” name, or anything. I believe it is helpful if it is a name that others call you sometimes, but that is not necessary and the process works much the same even if you make up a name that you only use for getting a reading from me.

Reading Types

A Card for Your Thoughts $5

One card picked from the deck and a three to five sentence interpretation (reading). Good if you are not sure if online tarot readings are for you; or to get some insight about a general situation.

Three for Ten $10

Three cards picked in order, and a 100 word narrative interpretation. The cards describe a general overview of the situation, what to avoid in the next 24h, and what to pursue in the next 24h. Slightly more in depth than the one card reading, good for a specific event or day and to see if tarot readings online are helpful to you.

Standard Reading $25

A standard ten card reading in the “Celtic cross” spread/arrangement. Ten cards are picked in order, and interpreted in a narrative to give an in depth analysis of one situation or question.

You get: a list of which cards in what position were picked (and a one sentence description of the position, which is the same for each reading). Plus a 500 word narrative/interpretation of the reading as I think it relates to your situation/question.


I am initially making this offering over email use the below address, exactly as written so that it goes to the correct inbox.

[email protected]

PayPal invoices will come from [email protected] but I do not check that inbox as often, and it gets a lot of spam. So email the first address, but if you see an invoice from this one it is still me. Don’t blame me, blame PayPal for that!

You may also inquire about readings on twitter, @graymagiker

Questions may be addressed to the above contacts as well.

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