In the hours surounding 10pm local time in Albuquerque New Mexico on the evening of 15 May 2022 there was a lunar eclipse. I was fortunate enough to be able to view it from my drive way, being a bit outside the city ligths and also agreeable cloud cover.

I composed the following invocations, based on techniques taught by Dr. Cyndi Brannen in her school Covina:


Lampadios, torch bearer light our way

Unconquerable Queen. may our steps never falter

Nyssa, by your light we begin anew

Annassa Eneroi, Queen of the Dead, We are yours from the first to the last


Enodia, you are the way and you are the light along it;

Pale Chthonic Queen, the moon hides its face out of respect for you;

Lampadios, you alone heard Demeter cry and lit her way in the underworld;

Initiate us into your mysteries;

Propylaia, she who stands at the gate, we are prepared for your medicine

Skotia, we are at home in your holy darkness

Enodia, Mistress of the three ways, walk with us for the rest of our days