Bees and Rivers

Amazon wishlist here, for those capitalisms facilitated through that one specific billionaire overlord: Amazon 2023 End of Year List

Other Wishes

Despite what some corporate shareholders wish us to believe, not everything can be purchased from that site above. Whenever possible I try to support creators in my local community and I hope you do as well. Here are some items that would warm my heart from independent artists and creators.

505 Resin Works

DaNell, one of the two artists behind 505 Resin Works is my best friend. I’ve known her since she was 7 years old going to Camp Shaver. Literally anything you buy from her and Maggie would be a wonderful gift to me!

They don’t have a website to order, but you can find them around town or contact them on Instagram to purchase.

Instagram: at 505 Resin Works on Instagram

Materia Magikeia

I am often asked where I got the steampunk key charm that I wear. I got it from Materia Magikeia. It may seem like a faceless online shop, but the owner Liz is very kind and does all the work from sourcing items to website updates to putting the items in the box and driving them to the post office her self. The site has a “wishlist” feature just like some other sites. All things considered, I would much rather you buy from Liz than some billionaire.

Materia Magikeia Wishlist My Wishlist

Emily Balivet on Etsy

I have small prints of her Hecate Goddess of the Crossroads but an 8 by 10 print would be lovely for my smaller alter space by my bed. Anything larger than 8x10 is probably too large for my space.

Her print of Cygnus Goddess of Swans would also be appreciated.

Link to Etsy: Hecate Goddess of the Crossroads 8x10

Link to Etsy: Cygnus Goddess of Swans

Fire under the Cauldron

It’s a slightly different tradition than mine, but here is a cauldron that I would keep and use.

From To Cast A Stone website: Aradia Cauldron

Local Places

Some places I like to shop, I’m confident you could find something I would like at any of these places in Albuquerque:

My Clinic

Red Root Acupuncture and Herbs is the clinic where I work, the clinic owner Dr. Monica Lucero, DOM was one of my classmates at SWAC. All of our products are the highest quality and locally sourced where at all possible; I am not just an acupuncturist at Red Root, I’m also a customer! I am there Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and some Wednesday mornings. If you come on Thursday or Friday you are almost guaranteed not to run into me, for example if you want to keep gift buying secret. I would appreciate any of our gift baskets.

Red Root Acupuncture and Herbs 2400 Rio Grande Blvd NW Suite E | 87104

Here’s a thing

This year, 2023, I formed a connection with wasp as a fierce guardian and homemaker. This is something I would wear (note the shipping cost when considering)

Wasp necklace on Etsy: Wasp Necklace